Macbook Pro woes Solved!!!

I’ve put this in my other post, but thought I would repeat it so it’s easier to find.

If you have a Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro, the last generation before they went unibody GET RID OF IT!!

a) The firewire chip is rubbish and will not play with firewire sound cards
b) They overheat and although the temperature sensor may say 70 degrees, they will still be too hot and will cause stuttering in audio playback.
c) The USB ports only supply 7 Watts of power where they are supposed to provide 13W.

So why are macs so expensive again? I just bought my new PC DAW and suddenly all the problems I was having with my mac have disappeared…

Welcome to the light. :wink:

i am sorry about your particular machine but i am running a 2.5 ghz core 2 duo 15" with 2 gig ram and a 7200 and it has been rock solid. i did however know about the agere firewire chipset issue and it was the first thing i checked for out of the box. i have the ti chipset and the fact that this machine was the last generation with cardbuss is why i wont upgrade anytime soon, i use a sonnet cardbuss to fw 800 card for additional fw buss. i will swap out the drive for a ssd and eventually add more ram but this little machine rocks!!