Macintosh Preferences

I am trying out Wavelab on a MAC for the first time, please forgive me if there’s an obvious answer, but I cannot find the Audio File Editing preferences which should be in the options menu. Also, the Open Last Window Layout on Startup checkbox is missing from the Options tab in General Preferences.

I’m running OSX Lion with Wavelab 7.2.1


Audio File Editing preferences are accessible in the Audio File workspace.
Maybe you are currently in the Audio Montage workspace.

Since WaveLab 7.2.1 you don´t find this option in the Global Preferences anymore, because you will be asked on start up of WaveLab 7.2.1. if you want to restore the last window layout or set the factory window layout.
If you ticked “Keep answer and do not show this message again”, you can reset this setting under “Global Preferences/Options/Reset default answers”.