Mackie Control / Folder Tracks

Hello everyone!
I have a question for those who use Mackie Control with Cubase:
I have Cubase 6 and I used to have MCU+XT. Then I sold the Mackies. Now I bought it back again and I cannot find a function I used to have:

When I collapsed a folder track, in Mackie Control I only had the selected Folder track without the related tracks.
When I reopened the folder track I had all the tracks back in Mackie Control.

Now I cannot do it anymore. Am I missing something? I honestly don’t remember how it was set up.

Thank you for your help!

I see that in Ableton Live it works like this. If Collapse a Group track (like a folder track in Cubase) then it collapses in Mackie Control as well.
I know it can be done in Cubase! Or am I remembering wrong?

Huh! How about some patience? There’s been less than 4 hours after you posted your question. About 1/3 of the population of this planet has been asleep during this period. For those who has been awake, more than 90% may have had better things to do than checking posts on Cubase forum. Please, wait at least 24 hours before start to get impatient.

I know it can be done in Cubase! Or am I remembering wrong?

I don’t remember this kind of behaviour, but I don’t use Mackie Control, but TASCAM DM-4800 in Mackie Control Emulation mode.

Yes sorry for my impatience, I am compulsive! :€

I don’t think folders have ever shown to controllers in Cubase as they are not controllable. Only actual mixer channels appear.
If you hide channels in the mixer they will disappear from the controller but I think this is the only way.

The live groups are presumably different in that they are controllable rather than just a container??

Thank you for your feedback.
Actually Live Groups behave like folder tracks, in a simple way. But the concept is similar. And when you collapse group (folder) tracks all the related channels in MCU collapse as well.
I’m aware of the show/hide function in Cubase Mixer, but I have this vivid image of Cubase Folder Tracks collapsing in my MCU. Don’t know.