Mackie Control is excellent - any future plans for plugin support?

Using a Behringer X-Touch with Cubasis. Such a nice experience.

Anyone know if there are future plans for plugin support through Mackie contol in Cubasis? I see the EQ controls, and I realize that not all plugins would allow for support, but I’d hope that Cubasis native plugins might work, and possibly FabFilter Au3s (they are controllable in Auria via Mackie control, so I’d hope they left support in with the Au3s).

FabFilter iOS plug-ins do support midi learn when the Auv host is Cubasis, but that functionality isn’t available when using Mackie on a control surface.

100% agree that the Cubasis experience is vastly enhanced with an X Touch!

We’re currently missing (IMHO) 2 key areas of Mackie support:

  1. Track meters
  2. Control over plug-ins

May I suggest you visit the following thread and add your vote?

Thanks - just added a message over there.

Good to know on the FabFilter stuff. I’d prefer control that can display feedback, so I hope they can build it into the Mackie Control, but I’ll have to set them up with one of my MIDI controllers. I’ve had the FF plugins in Auria, and just purchased (again) today for use with Cubase. Can’t complain too much about the rebuy - they’re great plugins, and well worth the discounted IOS pricing.

I see that you’re a Softstep user, as well. Been using KMI devices for sometime. Have a Softstep 2, QuNeo and a QuNexus. Might have to see how well the QuNeo would work as an FX controller until they build into Mackie control.

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For now it is not planned to provide controller support for external plug-ins.
However, several 3rd party AU plug-ins already support controller support.

Hope that helps!

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Which Auv3 plug-ins support Mackie control?

That would be such a big help!

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