Mackie Control Issues

I have 4 Mackie Control Pro units, which are configured in the Studio setup using Mackie Control. But some strange behavior is occurring:

When there is a lot of “metering” data going on (many channels having audio), the Mackie units experience a significant lag in updating. The solo and mute buttons respond very slowly, the faders also respond slowly, and when I touch the “stop” button the timecode display keeps running until the current timecode is reached. The longer I wait for stopping playback, the longer it takes for the unit to “update” its status.

I did some tests:

  • When only using three Mackie Controls in the studio setup, everything works fine.
  • When there is not much audio happening, everything is fine. (which makes me think it has something to do with metering data)
  • When the physical (external) units are disconnected the problem still occurs. (So it is not a problem within the units.)
  • When changing USB cable and USB port on my Mac (Mac Studio Max OS 13.6.1), the problem still occurs.

And another issue: When pressing the “Show Level” button on the Mackie Control unit, the meters do not show on its display. This has been the case for a very long time, while it did work in the past.

What is going on here? Is Nuendo (13.0.30) no longer capable of running more than three Mackie control units? Anybody else having similar issues?

I’d like to ask you for a question with the Mackies and N13. Since N13 arrived, I can’t select several tracks using shift or ctrl + select buttons any more. I’m using a Avid Artist Mix and a Yamaha DM2000. Have you same issue?
However, the issue you’re experiencing does not occur here. All runs fine independently of number of “metering” tracks.

I can confirm that multi selection with Shift + Select buttons is not working anymore. This has been mentioned on this forum a while ago. It seems this functionality is broken. I believe Steinberg is aware of this issue, hopefully it will be fixed in future updates.

Good to hear that you don’t have the “lagging” issue on your system. I guess you don’t use the Mackie Control protocol for your controllers, since you have an Artist Mix (Eucon) and DM2000.

I will do some more investigation to figure out what is going on.