Mackie Control on Behringer X Touch Compact not working


I’m am using Cubase AI (latest build) and just got the Behringer X Touch Compact Controller (set to Mackie Control Mode).
Most things seem to work as far as I can see till now, but at least two rotary encoders are not working as expected.

The first one should track the faders slowly, but instead toggles the mute status :question:
The last encoder does nothing (or at least I can’t figure out what it does). I would have expected it two switch fader banks, but I can’t see any effect.

There does not seem to be a firmware update on the Behringer site…

Anyone experiencing this issue?

Hi and welcome,

Original Mackie Control works as expected here.

Could you send the MIDI Messages these to encoders send? Then I can find, what is triggered by these messages according to the Mackie Control protocol.