Mackie Control Universal and Cubase - Banks navigation


Using the original MCU as hardware controller for Cubase. Found a minor nuisance, that works fine in other DAWs (Logic, Pro Tools), but not in Cubase.

Left Bank or Right Bank buttons let you move between banks of eight channels. For example, in a 19-track project, pressing Right Bank button three times would map the following channels:
1-8 >>> 9-16 >>> 11-19

However, having channels 11-19 mapped in front of you, pressing Left Bank button will move the selection to channels 3-10. Not 9-16.

Not the end of the world, but during fast mixing, it’s inconvenient.


As far as I understand you, Cubase do the real 8 channels banking, so it really switches by 8 channels independent on the starting point. Some other DAW does it less dynamically, so it is always binded to the “8 times X” banks. And this is your feature request, right?