Mackie Control Universal (NOT Pro) + Extender ?'s

I am using Cubase now and am looking to get a Mackie Control Universal or MCU Pro.


  1. Any problems with either of these and Cubase?

  2. Difference between the two. Does the NON Pro controller have push button encoders? Do the extender encoders have all the same functionality as the main unit for either model?

  3. Do I need separate midi inputs/outputs for extenders, or can you midi chain for the older model?

    From what I have read so far… doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference, am leaning towards the older unit + 2 extenders, as it would be nice the PRO + 2 extenders is not in my budget.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


Don’t think there’s a lot of difference between the old and the Pro’s
Main difference (I think) is that the pro has a USB connection and a differnt jogwheel, but all functionality is the same.
I also believer the latest version of the Pro has different faders?

Don’t know about the extenders, as I only have a MCU Pro, which I’m verry happy with! :smiley:
Don’t think I’ll be needing an extender. :wink: