Mackie Control

Anyone know if I can get the mackie control in HUI mode to ignore midi channels?

The reason being, when I use a VST instrument I move the audio output to underneath the midi track. I’d don’t tend to automate or make any changes to the midi track… only the audio output.

I guess a work around could be that I use instrument tracks.


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The Mackie Control (not in HUI mode…choosing the normal MCU mode is better in Cubase) will “catch up with” how mixer 1 (and only this one) is set up. So, just hide the MIDI channels in the Cubase mixer and they will disappear on the Mackie Control, too, whatever the set up in the inspector.

nice one thanks.!

Thats a particularly helpful post…


Mixer view…hide midi channels. To the left of the mixer. I always have that set…I have no use for faders for midi channels.

Why would you run it in HUI mode? Switch it to MCU. You get a whole bank buttons dedicated to different mixer views…

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Remember that the mixer has to be opened at least once when opening a project so that the setup is taken into account by the MCU.