Mackie Controller not working right

When I used Cubase 5 32 bit with XP the Mackie Controller it worked fine. Now that I went to Windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 5 32 bit, the Mackie Controller transport controls and hot buttons don’t do anything. The Mackie Expander works just fine. The Mackie Controller is under MCPU Pro USB while the Mackie Expander is MidiN2 CMPU Pro USB 3.0. I welcome any suggestions to correct this problem. I hit the reset button on the screen and turn the Mackie Controller on and off, but I still have the problem. The scribble strips show the tracks correctly and the mute and solo buttons are lit up correctly with the cubase mixer. For what it’s worth, I have no problem with the Mackie Controller and Samplitude.