Mackie Controller

Hi there,
I’m having a bit of trouble using my midi controller for Cubase. It worked just fine with all the sliders changing volume and the pitch bend working fine (£$%£$%!!!)

But it seems to have (sometimes,) inverted the midi values around the pitch bend wheel. what is happening is that when I move a channel slider or press a mute or solo button, Cubase reads this as a pitch bend command. Sometimes in fact it reads something like a slider move as BOTH volume control AND pitch bend. Also, (sometimes) to pitch bend wheel itself actually makes the fader slider on whatever channel is selected move.

I know that the controller is set up with a lot of the midi values set to 171. I looked this up and it actually is the pitch bend midi value by default. I guessed that it was just a querky thing about Cubase; that it used the midi value 171 to control volume. It’s always possible.

And it seemed that way until those sliders started actually doing what you light expect if it’s assigned value was set to 171: Totally mess up the pitch of my synths and bass lines, sometimes even up to a new octave!

This is really frustrating, and I don’t understand why music software can’t just have the default midi values assigned to it’s functions so that you can just plug in a midi controller and it works or, if you want to, look up the values that are assigned by the midi standard.

my keyboard manual has a full list of all the midi values and what they control, so why does Cubase use some kind of special system when it tries to recognize midi value 171 as a channel volume command?

Aside from this could you please help me fix this. I want to use my sliders and encoders!

It’s a Samson graphite 49 and I’m using Cubase artist 7