Mackie DL32R as Audio interface

Hi, hopefully someone can help me. I purchased a DL32r to use as an audio interface with Nuendo 7 and NEK. Nuendo sees the DL32r and all channel show up in VST connections. however when I i go into rec enable and the activate the monitoring icon i don’t see a signal coming into the channel in nuendo. I can’t seem to figure out what I may have missed. As anyone every experienced this? Thank in advance.

Direct Monitoring in the Device Setup-tab/VST-Audio-system selected?

First, thx for your response. It’s grayed out so it can’t be selected.

which driver do you use for?

I have a macbook pro so there aren’t any drivers I’m aware of. Also I have a UR22 and it doesn’t have this problem. At my studio I have a VI3000 and don’t run into this issue using the Dante virtual soundcard. I got the DL32r to track some of my smaller live gigs and to do some work from home. Nuendo sees the mixer and the VST connections are setup along with the device but for some reason audio won’t pass from the mixer to Nuendo. I just can’t think of any other setting in Nuendo or on the mixer that may be causing this.

try to dive deeper into the preferences, and read on everything under Audio and General, if you can find an selected option, which is causing this issue. and the DL32R works fine with another sequencer (or the same) on a diffrent computer, so that you can record all signals (all audio signals come in) in this sequencer?

You’re on a Mac-- we haven’t been able to use Direct Monitoring (with the relatively recent exception of the Steinberg hardware) since the pre-OSX days. Option= use the Mackie monitoring software (if it comes with your unit; I’m only familiar with the Onyx series), which is pretty good, à la RME’s TotalMix.


Sorry for the delay in my response. Thank you for your responses. So the problem isn’t the monitoring the audio is in the mixer but isn;t being passed to Nuendo. VST connections appear in Nuendo but no signal.

problem finally solved?

No, it looks like I may have to purchase the dante card for the unit. I’ve used the Dante Virtual sound card with my VI3000 with no issues. hopefully it will be the same with the DL32R. Fyi I’m in and out a lot so please forgive my delayed responses.

FYI for the Mackie DL32R to work as Audio interface you must select it on the MacBook pro under Audio Midi setup. You have to select use as input and use as output before you can select it in device setup.