Mackie HUI Midi Mappping & Novation InControl

Hello, I got a new Novation controller which has the “InControl” midi protocol that integrates with Cubase.

Things seem to work fine but I am a little confused about whether I need to map custom to get fader (aka slider!) 9 to work as themaster fader as its labeled on the contoller. The controller is setup using the Launchkey InControl driver as per their instructions. But I see I should have extra options below where I can assign and map user commands.

According to the manual, the master slider is sending messages to midi #7.

Slider 1 cc 41
Slider 2 cc 42
Slider 3 cc 43
Slider 4 cc 44
Slider 5 cc 45
Slider 6 cc 46
Slider 7 cc 47
Slider 8 cc 48
Slider 9 cc 7

Anyone have experience or know how to add a mapping to master fader for midi message 7? Or should I change the driver to LaunchKey MIDI and set it up that way?