Mackie HUI mode in Nuendo 12 - mac OS X

Hi, I’m wondering if the Mackie HUI mode is available in Nuendo 12. The reason I’m asking is because I want to use my fully functional PreSonus Faderport Classic, which worked very well with Nuendo 11. However, I’m having difficulty programming it with Nuendo 12."

I also had a Faderport v1 and it ran without any issues in N12. No problems here and no need for HUI. Setup / installation was the same like in N10, N11, …

could you describe process/setup?

  • Install the Faderport Software / Firmware.
  • Copy the 64 bit FaderPort.dll to the Steinberg Components folder (see attached picture)
  • Go to the studio setup in Nuendo 12 and add a new device (click on PreSonus FaderPort in the list)
  • Then you should see the FaderPort in the remote devices (legacy) list. Click on it and route the Midi-in and Midi-out

Should work with no issues

sorry, just saw that you are on mac OS X.
But if it works on Windows, it also should work on mac OS X, I don’t think it is related to the operating system.
All the best

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