Mackie HUI transport controls

I read a Mackie Hui nomination in a topic, and I remembered that I had something like that at m-audio keystation88 2.
I tested those buttons with Midi ox and they didn’t transmit anything.
I don’t know the importance of using those buttons, and in fact I don’t even know what to do with them. But if I’ve been reading the words Mackie and Hui in this forum, Steinberg Cubase can probably use that stuff too. And so maybe it’s time to find out what I can do with those buttons that are on the midi keyboard m-audio keystation88 2.
Thank you very much and I assure you that I will treat with a sense of responsibility the information you will give me and I will move on to conducting experiments using the midi keyboard and Cubase Pro 11.
Thank you and I hope that Google Translate has correctly translated the meaning of my words written in Romanian.


You can use Mackie HUI to be able to control Cubase Start, Stop and Record by the buttons on your M-Audio Keystation 88 mk2. And probably the cursor buttons will be used for the project navigation.

You can use either Mackie Control or HUI protocol.

not mk2. only 2


OK, sorry. Anyway, what I wrote applies for M-Audio Keystation88 2 too.

-Ok Martin.Jirsak
I will do search with google for reading about Mackie Control and HUI protocol.
I will return to this topic, after I will test the keyboard by making Makie and Hui connections with Cubase Pro 11.


I prefer Mackie Control protocol, which is a bit newer (even though both of them are quite old).

The integration to Cubase is simple. Studio > Studio Setup > Add Device: Mackie Control. Then setup the MIDI Input and MIDI Output ports and you are ready to go.

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Hello Martin.Jirsak
I’m going to make the M-Audio Keystation 88 HP laptop assembly to connect it to the Cubase Pro 11 and on this occasion I will also connect the Novation LounchControll XL to the laptop to control things in Cubase.
Wait a few minutes please. But know that I have not read the documentation about midi and channels.

I started Makie HUI according to the instructions in the manual, but at MIDI OX I don’t see any midi activity when I press the MAKIE HUI buttons.
I use Roland USB MIDI Interface Um One and Um One means M-Audio Keystation88, so I selected Um One, but it doesn’t emit anything when I press the Makie Hui buttons.
How do I see virtual port 2. Where is virtual port 2 ?


In Cubase, you set Mackie Control, not Mackie HUI.

Btw, sometimes the MIDI keyboards are using dedicated MIDI ports for this kind of DAW functions. You can reach the MIDI Port only if you connect the MIDI keyboard via USB.

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I broke the USB socket and I use the MIDI socket. That’s why I use Roland usb-midi interface.
If I leave RED I set HUI, if I leave GREEN I set MAKIE.
Now it’s on MAKIE, but I can set it to RED, which is HUI.

I have two midi keyboards and a midi controller.
Using the Transformer filter we can use Novation Lounch Control to emulate navigation buttons and start buttons stop recording playback and other kinds of buttons.
Using the Transformer filter we can use midi keyboards to emulate navigation buttons and start buttons to stop playback recording and other types of buttons.
From the factory Novation Lounch Control has navigation buttons and other buttons.
The laptop keyboard should also be able to be used to emulate Makie and Hui using the Transformer filter.
So we need to study the Midi Transformer Effect plugin with carefully.


Please verify, if M-Audio sends the Mackie Control DAW command vis dedicated MIDI Port, separated from the keyboard. I expect so. If this is the case, then you cannot use M-Audio as DAW Controller via MIDI only.


No, we can’t. This is not, what is Input Transformer for. For this, you would need to use the Generic Remote Device in Cubase.

I will read about that Generic Remote Device in Cubase and try to understand what it is good for. And if I have anything to use it with.

The midi keyboard needs to be removed and that USB socket repaired.
The M-audio keystation 88 is a large and difficult to handle electronic device. I need to unscrew the screws and remove the back cover to see how I can fix that plug.
Reading your message, I found the words “Mackie Control DAW” and “DAW Controller” and I think I understood what Makie and Hui are.
Also thinking that I use the mouse to operate elements of Cubase and Arturia v collection plugins, I think we need a mouse emulator. We need a Touch screen or a Pen Tablet to emulate the mouse.
I don’t have a touch screen monitor yet, but I have a Pen Tablet.
So, until I fix the USB keyboard of the m-audio keystation88 midi keyboard, or until I buy my touch screen monitor, I’ll try the Tablet Pen. Her name is One by Wacom and she eats a lot of laptop resources. I hope he leaves something to Cubase and Arturia v collection 8.
After I finish this message, I start installing One by Wacom in the HP laptop that contains Steinberg Cubase Pro 11.
I’ll be back.

It’s better with the mouse than with the graphics tablet. I will uninstall it.

Hello !
Now i use Chrome Remote Desktop from my Tablet with Android !
I recomand this way !

I’ve a KEYSTATION 49, same of you with 49 keys.
My setup!

Hi RINA_Toto and welcome here!
I dropped the topic, but if you posted this comment, I’ll try again.
If you say that Mackie-HUI works for you, then please show us what is happening on the computer screen.
It would be useful to show us what you do with the MIDI keyboard and what happens with Steinberg Cubase.

I used to write this post.

I remembered that using novation Launch Control XL in Ableton, on the screen you could see how the focus was moving.
I’ll try to use Mackie-HUI from the m-audio keystation 88 in Ableton to see if anything happens.
However, if you have an Android tablet, try remote desktop with it. It doesn’t have high speed interaction, but it’s interesting to see. :slight_smile:

I used to write this post