Mackie MCU issue with Shift+Bank buttons

I have this problem also in 7.5, I was waiting for the 8.0.10 update to see if it was fixed but it’s still the same.

When I use Shift+Fader bank buttons (1-8 for the new functions, show All/Audio/Group/FX/etc), Cubase becomes unresponsive.

Using the banks without Shift (i.e. recalling my own saved sets) works with no problem. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the mixer window or the main.

Someone else in another thread using a Mac could not reproduce this. Could it be PC specific?

Cubase 8.0.10/7.5.3 (same issue in both)
Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i5/8Gb RAM
1x MCU Pro and 2x extenders

Confirmed. Shift+group button freezes Cubase. I’m on PC. Also can’t get input channels to display on the MCU.