Mackie MCU Pro v4 firmware???

Hi friends,
Anyone ever seen where, has a link or a copy of the v4 firmware upgrade for Mackie MCU Pro?
I’m on a Mac OSX 10.8, Cubase 7.
I wouldn’t write here only the Mackie forum is a graveyard of unanswered topics.
All the best


I think that if your MCU Pro shows firmware V 3. When it powers up it is a Pre 2010 model with the Penny & Giles faders for which V3 is the last version. No need to update. If it shows V 2 I recall a new EPROM had to bought from Mackie to update to V3. I still have the old chips in my studio drawer!

The post 2010 units ship with V4 firmware to accommodate Alps faders which were used instead.

Happy to be corrected or updated on the situation but Mackie isn’t the company it used to be and info is hard to come by.



Thank you itf3.

That’s fantastic info.

I agree, it is very very hard to get info from Mackie.

All the best

Hi !

Allow me to correct. It is not very hard…it is simply impossible, as if their firmwares were top secret elements…

All good and thank you,
Am happy to say I’m returning the Mackie for a full refund because it fell well short of the mark regarding build quality and it was no where near as satisfactory as I hoped it would be.
I’m going to put it out there and say it’s extremely overpriced.
Am happier to go down the road of the $60 mouse or the $75 trackball or an iPad and Cubase IC Pro.