Mackie pro question with cubase

Okay Finally after months of trying to Get my KK61 to work with cubase and record into my MPC2500… I am having one problem left… When I add a Mackie control for the MCU pro and the extender and add instruments it on reconizes the MCU pro first i tried selecting the extender first no luck any help?


Just change the MIDI ports of the Pro and the Extender in the Cubase Mackie Control setup.

i dont use uyou specific hardware but i also have a surface and 2 xtenders.
setup as follows (might help you)
tascam fw1884 setup as Mackie Control (1) with tascam control midi port assigned
tascam fe-8(1) setup as Mackie Control (2) with fe-8(1) control midi port assigned
tascam fe-8(2) setup as Mackie Control (3) with fe-8(2) control midi port assigned
(as you can see i must have 3 Mackie Control templates loaded, 1 for each device)

to get them working in the right order i must boot the devices up in reverse order
fe-8 (2)

then all works as intended
fw-1884 controls track/chan 1-8
fe-8(1) controls track/chan 9-16
fe-8(2) controls track/chan 17-24

cheers hope you get it all sorted

ps. they are all “daisy chained” firewire devices fe-8(1)–>fe-8(2)–>fw-1884–>DAW

I had Tascam FW1884 and it worked different since it had the built in firewire card… I seem to only get to have the MCU Pro control channels 8-16

Any help? who uses it?

you must load an instance of mackie control for each device and assign the appropriate midi port for it to each instance.


I tried it yesterday I believe i might be in luck we will see… Gutting my Kitchen right now!