Mackie Protocol question

I’m developing a program implementing the Mackie MCU protocol to talk to Cubase. In general, it works, but I have a couple of questions.

  • According to the protocol spec I’m supposed to initiate the connection with a Host Connection Request. When I do this, I get no response whatsoever from Cubase. Is this sequence not used by Cubase? (the rest of the communication seems to work and I can control Cubase, so it seems as if this sequence is not necessary)
  • Is there any way to request the “current state” of all and/or specific item controlled by the protocol (e.g. get the current state of the loop, play and stop controls on the transport bar).

Using Cubase 10.0.50 with the Mackie Control Remote Device configured in Cubase Device Mode.

This sounds like a developer type question. I think this area is for general end user support issues with Cubase.

You may want to hit some developer specific forums where developers discuss. They KVR… also ask for links to further developer resources

BTW… I don’t know if this doc helps you at all. Its the goto doc for troubleshooting mackie HUI.

I dont think there is any official publiched protocol spec, it’s proprietary and belongs to Mackie. However there are specs that come from reverse engendering, but they might not be complete.
I have looked for a “current” state command, but it seems not to exist. A reset within cubase studio setting is the closest to get things in sync but it has a lot of side-effects that is not wanted!

Cool, thanks.

I have found pretty good protocol specs, including the one you mention (and a V2 of that) but cannot find any mention of a generic sync of parameters. It seems odd though - if a real Mackie was connected to Cubase, wouldn’t it show the correct status right away?

I’ll try the KVR forum.

Whats the link to the V2 doc?

This is the V2 document I found.

Sorry, but that is for LogicControl. It was used the same Mackie hardware but a different firmware and protocol. Handshake is not the same. It had some nice features like peak-hold-meter and some other modes for “pan” knob leds.