macOS 12.6?

Has anybody upgraded to macOS 12.6 yet? What’s your experience w/Cubase 12.0.40 on it?

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running OS 13 ok :slight_smile:

Ventura pre-release? You are brave! :smile:

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seems to run fine on Mac Studio M1 max.

I didn’t have any issues with Ventura either except for the Minimal Audio plugins… For some reason even though they were already activated on the system before I updated, they werent able to access their info in /Library/Application Support. The brand new Morph EQ I bought, and Rift Filter I already owned and was using, wouldnt even let me get out of demo mode. Everything else I ran through, including Cubase 12 Pro and Ableton Live 11 were perfect. iLok stuff was fine, Arturia, etc…
Shockingly even all my Akai MPC stuff was working.

That was about the shortest I’ve run a beta though, maybe a week tops. When my new Morph EQ didnt work, I spent an entire day rolling back to my Monterey backup so I could play with my new toy hehe. I’ve been scared to try the newer betas because man that is A LOT of work to roll back to a previous MacOS…

But yeah, Cubase is fine in 12.6 too…


No problems on our 2015 Intel iMac. We will update our 2020 iMac tomorrow when we have a couple hours free.

Update: We have updated both our iMacs. No problems experienced.

Seems to be for me too!

No difference in cubase performance.

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No sure if its to do with the OS, or just one of the many strange Steinberg things, but i had a lot of crashes, where CB just disappears, and the cause was said to be my UR-C 22. This only started after i went to 12.6, and was fine before. I have since updated the FW and drivers/tools and so far it’s been more stable.
This is on a MBP 14” with 16GB.

Since moving to Apple Silicon native, my system is rock solid. I bridge older plug-ins and UAD with Meta Plug-in. Under Rosetta I would get crashes every day. Not any more.

Well if it makes you feel any better, I lost my boot screens when I boot from my eGPU after 12.6. Both my RX570 and RX 5500XT had boot screens, and I actually watched the entire Apple logo update progress with the 5500XT installed. After the update finished, now I get nothing until the login screen. My 6600XT, which is actually supported by Apple unlike the 570 and 5500XT doesn’t have one either. :frowning:

My MBP is the first ever laptop ive owned, and first time ive owned a Mac.
Over the years ive read how Macs are better than PC’s, but ive had just as many crashes with CB as i did on my old Windows PC, just different ones.

Actually I can’t get CB to start at all tonight. been trying over an hour.
You’d think company like Steinberg could make something that just opens when its needed.
Ive had this on PC for a few years and now Mac.

Time to look at Logic I think

Seems to be connected to my UR22-C.
Yes, latest drivers etc etc.

Time to dump that as well i guess.

So Rift doesn’t work in Ventura, correct?

The whole plugin suite was fixed like 3 days after Ventura was released.