[macOS Big Sur] Constantly have to reinstall USB drivers

Hi there, currently I have a really annoying issue regarding the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 3.0.5 on macOS 11.4 Big Sur. Every other restart my Steinberg UR22 disappears from the output selection list (LED is blinking) and I need to reinstall the drivers in order to get it back to work. Has anyone else encountered this behavior or is there a potential fix? It’s a Intel MacBook Pro and before I reinstalled Big Sur, it worked, but now I’m not aware what setting might’ve introduced this issue. Thanks!

Hey there,

I’m having the same issue that you are describing.

In my particular case everything was working great until I installed the latest version of Google Drive File Stream for desktop. After that everything went haywire. Tried uninstalling everything related to Google Drive, no luck.

The only way I am able to get my UR22 interface to work is if I install the drivers but then force quit the installation package once the drivers have been installed. At the end of the installer package it wants to reboot the computer but if I let it reboot the LED light just blinks and no connection is made.

For the moment I’ve just gotten into the habit of reinstalling the drivers every day when I start the computer.

Running a 16 inch 2019 MacBook Pro (Intel), Big Sur OS 11.4.

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I found a workaround in another thread that seems to work. After every restart run the following in Terminal:

sudo kextunload -v /Library/Extensions/YamahaSteinbergUSBAudio.kext
sudo kextload -v /Library/Extensions/YamahaSteinbergUSBAudio.kext
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