macOS Big Sur scaled app icon

Hey all,

Ever since updating to macOS Big Sur, the size of Dorico’s app icon annoyed me just a little bit because Apple decided to make app icons a bit smaller and rounder.

I decided to make a slightly smaller version so that Dorico doesn’t stand out that much:

Someone more skilled than me could probably even add some shadow and depth to the icon (which is the new style with macOS Big Sur).

You can grab the .icns file over at macOS Replacement Icons and replace the icon file in the Dorico folder (restart your Dock afterwards), or there’s even a handy little app that does this automatically for you.

Changing the app icon shouldn’t break anything, and I hope the Dorico team doesn’t have an issue with this edit.


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We have kicked off a project to update our application icons across the board this year, so hopefully the next major versions of Dorico, Cubase et al will include updated application icons. A goal for that project is to make the icons more harmonised with the specific guidelines of each of the supported platforms. We’ll see how it goes.


This is great! I checked that site before looking for a Dorico icon that would fit the rest of Big Sur, and couldn’t find one, and I check again today and there it is! Thanks!