MacOS Catalina and UR22C troubles

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I received my brand new UR22C (first Steinberg product, I was really impatient to discover it).
As a Mac user with a few needs in software, I update my Mac to Catalina few weeks ago, after a good check on all my current soft.
So yesterday, after trying to install my UR22C I went to the Steinberg website to discover that the company (dedicated to music) wasn’t ready for Catalina even a month or two after the public release (and more than six months after the developper release…).
I follow some links, asking to install the last version of eLicenser, the latest driver (.5), but my problem is now with eLicenser : it doesn’t recognize my UR22C while I enter my license…
My UR22C seems now to be an expensive brick holding my tablature and guitar gears…

Did some of you succeed wit the UR22C and Catalina ?


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Man, I JUST got mine today. It actually worked on Mac OS Cataline 10.15.1 BEFORE I downloaded anything from Steinbergs website, drivers, software, etc. Since I installed everything it doesn’t allow me to play ANY audio at all. Unreal.

First, thank you for purchasing the UR-C! As written, the UR22C does not support Catalina yet. If you refer to a .5 driver, it can only be the even older one which is not Catalina compatible as well. We have released a first Yamaha Steinberg USB driver that is compatible and may help to a certain extend but the TOOLS release is still pending. The driver is available here:

The eLicenser has no connection to the UR22C being used on a system. So I am not sure what the issue is here exactly?

And again: the device is not yet Catalina compatible so use it at your own risk!

WTF… I just got my new UR22C and was excited to try it on my new mac book pro. Then I find this… I cannot use it. It will go straight back and I will get one I can use. VERY DISAPPOINTING

Hi there!
Are you satisfied with the interface? It’s been been two years since you posted. I’d like to buy one, but I’m a little bit unsure if it’s the right choice. Thank you!