MacOS/Cubase 13 : Cubase deleting the project folder if you close unsaved project

  1. Create a Folder for your project
  2. Open Cubase, create empty project and assign the created folder from 1.
  3. close the project, DONT save it
  4. Look in your file browser and discover the folder you selected has been deleted

What should happen:

Cubase does not touch your created folder at all

What instead happens:

Cubase deletes your folder

This was not the case in Cubase 12 and frankly, it left me confused as I was unsure if I accidentally moved my folder somewhere by dragging and dropping it into the Cubase file prompt (what I sometimes do). But after reproducing this, I realized that Cubase was actually removing that folder!

Note: this does not happen if the folder is not empty



Cubase worked like this until Cubase 9.5. Work Cubase 10 this behaviour changed and it didn’t delete the folder anymore. Users reported this as a bug.

With Cubase 13, it changed back and Cubase is deleting the empty folders again. Now users are reporting this as a bug.


The way I read the reports is that cubase deletes all empty folders in the directory, also those not created by cubase.

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This is something what I cannot reproduce. It happened to me (once), but if I try to reproduce it, Cubase deletes only its project folder.

Do you have any hint, please?

That is very curious indeed :smiley:

Maybe it is possible to turn it configurable in the Cubase settings?

Best of both worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of my ex wife :rofl:
Anyway there would be a 3rd option: let the users to keep or delete when no saving if the folders were empty.

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Cubase 13 should not touch folders that have been created by the user, even the folder is empty! I have a specific folder structure for all projects so that they are easier to see in the Finder and Cubase should not delete anything!
Annoying bug. Any other software not behaving like this and Cubase should not doing this either. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Do you have steps, how to replicate it, please? On my side, it sometimes happens, but I cannot replicated if I want to.

  1. open your project.
  2. make folder to inside Mixdown folder example named: DO NOT DELETE
  3. close project without saving.
  4. User made folders are gone.

I just tested: Cubase deletes all empty folders from any place. Its all gone! Crazy behavior, maybe that is why it was fixed on C 10 and up. Oh! and folder not need to be empty; example if folder contains other folder, so first folder is not empty, still all gonna be nuked.

Cubase should not touch folders that have been created by the user.
Its easier for eye and easier to figure out where your stuff is and navigate in massive amount of projects. Example; I have maybe 3000 projects where I pull tracks loops from etc. to my new projects and its really helping to have common file structure in all project folders even there is empty folders. Now when I open project to see whats in, Cubase breaks all that by deleting user made content. I am for obvious reasons not use Cubase clumsy “Hub” either (which is only a nuisance when it opens every time opening Cubase) to navigate my projects, instead I use MacOS Finder.

The doubt gnaws at the mind, what happens when the files disappear by themselves! Is there something wrong with the hard drive or what the hell? It took me a while before I realized what was happening and who was to blame.


So you are talking about the folders within the project, right?

Yes. Folders within the project. Folder that contains .cpr file.

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Yes, I agree!

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