macOS future 32-bit compatibility

Just installed the 10.13.4 beta for macOS. I am getting an warning when running Dorico (see attached). Seems like Apple is planning to deprecate 32-bit apps. I think this is still a ways in the future, but wanted to give a heads up.

Dorico is a 64 bit application. Is that what you’re wondering?

I am aware Dorico is 64-bit. Synsopos is not. That app is part of the copy protection mechanism.

I believe John has said on facebook that the team is well aware.

That’s right, the eLC and Synsopos will get an update and become also 64bit in the near future.

It’s nice of Apple to use some ambiguous wording to try to create fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of users in order to shame developers into action. There’s no intrinsic reason why a 32-bit application should “affect the performance of your Mac”. Still, as Ulf says, we know that this needs to be done and the eLicenser team are assessing the effort required to make the move to 64-bit.