[macOS] Loading Output Movement (VST3 FX) in Cubase/Nuendo Triggers Error Text Display

I recently came across a bug here in Cu/Nu 12 on Mac:

Before Loading Output Movement everything is OK, but after loading that, ever since, some part of texts in Cu/Nu interfaces becomes nonsense. Examples:

and much more…
It is noticeable that dragging UI is not affected.

It will not come back to normal until a completely new launch of Cubendo.
Sys Environment: MacBook Air M2, macOS 13.3.1 (in 13.2.x, 13.3 it behaves the same), Cubase/Nuendo 12.0.60 (12.0.52 the same), happens in both Native and Rosetta mode.

Hope that Steinberg would investigate in this. THX

I have the same problem

You should get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer. As this only happens if you insert this plug-in, then it is most likely an issue of the plug-in.

There is a new update of the plugin i downloaded last night. Not sure how many days it had been available.

Is that update ver 1.2.1 R268? I’m on this version now.

I have a test machine which I updated but had not got around to testing yet. It does have graphics issue when graphics acceleration is not disabled.

My main machine has the previous version and has no issues.

Looks like you will need the old installer from Output and wait until they fix it.

Ok. I’m also getting in touch with Output support and they are looking into it now.

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I will be waiting on their next update too. Thanks for contacting them and making them aware.