MacOS: Recording 1 track: Clicking sound

Hello folks,

This issue has been bothering me. Its a weird thing that comes and goes. The recording generates digital clics on the audio (like the ones that happen when the buffer size is too low and the computer’s RAM can´t handle a high number of tracks).

BUT (and this is a big but, no pun intended), I’m only recording ONE track.


  • Im recording directly to the computers SSD harddrive
  • The computer is a Mac Mini (2.6 GHz i7 processor 16 Gb RAM)
  • There is enough hdd space
  • I do memory and hdd cleanups when recording
  • The material being recorded is dialogue, on a single condenser microphone
  • The IO system is a focusrite ISA 430mkII going through rednet 2 ADDAs

Has this ever happened to you? How have you fixed it? I don´t want to increase the buffer because the monitoring eco becomes annoying and we have to record hours and hours of dialogue.

I mean, its one track… how can a modern computer not handle recording on a single track???


What Cubase version and what macOS version do you use?

Did you try to increase the Buffer Size (just to be sure)?

Oops sorry! Yes, its Version 7.5 and MacOS 10.11

Yes, increasing the buffer size does help, but it creates unwanted monitoring latency. I´d like to think an i7 processor with 16Gb RAM can take one track recording with the buffer size at 64 samples.

Is it not reasonable to expect this?


Cubase 7.5 is not officially supported on mac OS 10.11. I would recommend you to download Cubase 8.5 Trial, which is supported, and try, if it works there.

Hello folks, this actually keeps happening on Cubase 8.

Interestingly enough, it gets fixed by rebooting the computer.

I’m puzzled.

Why would such an easy task generate clicking noises?