MacOS Sierra 10.12.1

Hi, any word on this with respect to issues or compatibility with 8.5.2? I thought I read something about this recently, I have C85 on my anciliary machine, which is a Macbook Pro, the OS is updated, last night I tried an little experiment and had some issues getting it to run. It was very unstable.

Any insights appreciated. All is well in Windows 10 currently. :slight_smile:



So far there is no information about official macOS 10.12 support for Cubase 8.5.

Make sure, also all your plug-ins are macOS 10.12 compatible.

Thanks Martin, I don’t do any serious work on this machine, so I will wait and watch for SB to catch up. Good point about the plugins, however, mostly stock on this lappy.


I got sick of waiting for the official confirmation and just downloaded it, half of my projects are in Logic anyway so I’d still have stuff to work on: seems to be working fine on 8.5.2 for me so far…

My experience is next.

Updated to MacOs Sierra 10.12
MacOS goes to restart if I switch of external audio interface. I use UR 242. I updated driver to latest. Problem gone.
I often use Waves plugins in my projects. If I try to add something from Waves, plugins crashes Cubase in 8 cases from 10. After restart after crash the same plugin can be added without any problem.

Updated to macOS MacOs Sierra 10.12.1
Problem with Waves plugins still to present. And I got new problem. Cubase crashes if I try to create new, empty project. I get 2 crashes from 3 times every time. :open_mouth:

And I’m a little bit sad. Because, actually support doesn’t support us and doesn’t hear us. I think that any serious software must validate plugins on startup and turn off invalid plugins them. And any serious software must have ability hooks wrong plugins during workflow process and switch off wrong plugins immediately. But… But Cubase crashes only. Shame ! :blush:

I spent hundred euros for 8.5 Pro version and what I bought? Headache and problems. I think to migrate to other DAW in future.

So, be careful with migration process to Sierra, please.

May be his is the reason, why Cubase is not compatible yet. Maybe testers found some issue and developers need a time to fix it.

It’s said to run an incompatible combination of SW and OS and blame one of the company, it’s not compatible.

Hi Martin!
Thank you for the answer.
What about Waves plugins I tested it on Logic, Digital performer and Studio One Pro v3. I got no problem there. Absolutely. I get this problem with Cubase only.
May be testers team found some issue before. But, developers team very slow with Cubase update. Very.

Just had a mail this afternoon from Waves -

“We are pleased to announce that all Waves plugins (V9.6) and software applications are now fully compatible with Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.1
If you are using a VST-compatible DAW, please reinstall your Waves plugins and software applications using Waves Central.”



Yes. I received this e-mail also. Waves updated. And it seems like problem gone. Anyway, I should test it more detail.


I’m not sure, if update is OK, if they wrote “reinstal”. I’m sorry, I don’t know Waves therminology.

I reinstall plugins now. Deleted previous version and uploaded and installed new. I got strange situation. While Cubase 8.5 Pro loads plugins he asked me twice about Waves plugin directory. I select appropriate directory and nothing happened. Cubase still asks me about this. I pressed “Cancel” loading process continues and Cubase asked me again about Waves directory. I pressed “Cancel” again.
Open my project and try to insert Waves plugin. Works stable and seems that plugins appear quickly that previous version.

Didn’t Cubase ask for the 64-bit and then 32-bit plug-ins folder?

No. I don’t think so. I use 64 bit Cubase and 64 bit version of Waves. First time Cubase asked me when I start it. And second time when I choose external audio interface. Anyway, I wrote to Waves support team already.

I took another go at this last evening, everything is working fine, except for the metronome. no audio during countoff.

Everything working good here.

Doh! seems I forgot about that switch in the control room. All is well now. :unamused: :laughing:

Cubase 8.5.20 supports macOS 10.12.1, according to the article referred above by Mikula.
(I actually tested Cubase 8.5.20 during the entire developer preview period of macOS Sierra, it works fine to me.)

Nevertheless, you (the OP) still need to consult official information from your plugin vendors to see whether they had posted any incompatibility notice.

I had a few issues with this, solved them by creating an off-line installer and that did the trick.