macOS Sierra - Kernel Panic - Steinberg USB

Hey there,

macOS Sierra Beta 2 has a kernel panic when using the driver.
This happens to me every time when switching of my THR10.

Here’s the log:

1 mach_kernel 0xffffff800ccfb47c panic + 0xec (/Library/Caches/
2 mach_kernel 0xffffff800cd451bb zfree + 0x10b (/Library/Caches/
3 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d286616 IOFree + 0x16 (/Library/Caches/

4 0xffffff7f90195cb4
5 0xffffff7f90197cb3
6 0xffffff7f9018e47a
7 0xffffff7f90190a20
8 0xffffff7f90191876
9 0xffffff7f8d4f028e IOAudioEngine::start(IOService*, IOAudioDevice*) + 0xe6 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
10 0xffffff7f8d4eedd8 IOAudioDevice::activateAudioEngine(IOAudioEngine*, bool) + 0x5e (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
11 0xffffff7f9018cd9c
12 0xffffff7f9018c4f8
13 0xffffff7f8d4edf4c IOAudioDevice::start(IOService*) + 0xe6 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
14 0xffffff7f9018b6a0
15 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29b3ed IOService::startCandidate(IOService*) + 0x6d (/Library/Caches/
16 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29b13e IOService::probeCandidates(OSOrderedSet*) + 0x98e (/Library/Caches/
17 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29a6f6 IOService::doServiceMatch(unsigned int) + 0x236 (/Library/Caches/
18 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29a351 IOService::startMatching(unsigned int) + 0x161 (/Library/Caches/
19 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d2932a6 IOService::registerService(unsigned int) + 0x1d6 (/Library/Caches/
20 0xffffff7f8d61745f AppleUSBDevice::registerService(unsigned int) + 0xd9 (/BuildRoot/Applications/
21 0xffffff7f8d63b227 AppleUSBLegacyRoot::usbServiceCall(AppleUSBHostController*, IOService*, unsigned int) + 0x7a7 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
22 0xffffff7f8d63a73b AppleUSBLegacyRoot::usbServiceCallback(AppleUSBHostController*, OSArray*, unsigned int) + 0x44d (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
23 0xffffff7f8d57e036 AppleUSBHostResources::registerUSBHostServiceThreadCall(void*, void*) + 0x1e (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
24 mach_kernel 0xffffff800cd327ba thread_call_thread + 0x33a (/Library/Caches/
25 mach_kernel 0xffffff800ccaaaf7 call_continuation + 0x17

An IOFree is using a size parameter that does not match the allocation size. This is an issue in the driver.

Does somebody else have the experience? Is there any fix?


Same thing is happening to me. Every time I switch off my THR10 it crashes my mac running sierra.

Me too, so can’t try updating firmware as the THR10 needs to be switched off to put into update mode, which of course causes the iMac to crash