macOS Smart Folders - Dorico files not listed as "Documents"

I use a convoluted folder structure to store the thousands of work files on my computer, but I’m too lazy to navigate through folders and subfolders and often resort to a pinned Smart Folder that just searches my machine for all files modified in the last 7 days.

My Smart Folder (creatively named “Last 7 days work”) is set to just search all folders within Leo>Documents>Work (a massive folder) for “Documents”, whatever they are. It seems to find Word files, Excel files, .png and .jpg images, various audio files, PDFs, .mov movies, .xml files, Sibelius files - pretty much everything I actively work on APART from Dorico files.

Is there a way to include .dorico files in this list?


if you modify the search criteria for your smart folder you should be fine. Just add files that contain .dorico to the search criterias.

Change the criteria for a Smart Folder
Open the Smart Folder.

Begin typing in the folder’s search field, or click the Action pop-up menu , then choose Show Search Criteria.

It works if you write dorico in the search criterias (Type, other, dorico), but does not if you write .dorico :wink:

Bonjour Marc,

sorry to specify, if your search criteria is:
(Name .dorico) it shows the same results as
(Type, other, dorico)

Ok, great !

Thanks all - very helpful!

The missing step (and it’s still missing in the instructions above) is that if you want multiple file types (all of your documents including Dorico documents) you need to Alt-click the plus button. This gives you “Any/All/None of the following rules”, as opposed to just “This one rule”.

pianoleo, yes, of course, the search criterias have to be setup intelligently. As long, as you know how to do this = no problem :slight_smile: