Macro Automation Using Project Logical Editor

Is this possible? I’m using Cubase 13 Pro and I want to create a macro do perform the following steps.

  1. Allow me to enter in the left locator position (time)
  2. Allow me to enter in a time range of x amount of seconds
  3. Show the Export to Audio

Is this doable? If so, please provide the steps.



If I understand you correctly, you would expect something like a new window would appear, where you would set the parameters (Left Locator Position and Length). Then Cubase would do this and open the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Sorry, this is not possible. Neither Project Logical Editor nor Macros cant work with variables.

As @Martin.Jirsak said. Your best bet is to try an external utility, such as the autoHotKey.


…for Windows or Keyboard Maestro for Mac. :wink:

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