Macro editor deletes macro contents

The macro editor seems to have issues when multiple instances of the same command are used in the macro. This particular set of additions and removals of items trashes the macro, other combinations crash Cubase for which there will be another report.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open ‘Edit’->‘Key Commands…’
  2. Create a new macro by clicking ‘New’, and press ‘Enter’
  3. Select any command from the ‘Commands’ list above
  4. Add the selected command two or more times to the macro by clicking ‘Add’ two times or more
  5. Select one of the commands in the macro that was added in step 4.
  6. Remove the selected command from the macro by clicking ‘Remove’
  7. Add a new command to the macro by clicking ‘Add’ (can be the same type of command or any other command)
    → Result: all the contents of the macro are deleted except for the one that was added in step 7.

Cubase Pro 11.0.20 Build 371
Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 Build 18363

What’s your OS?

Oops… forgot to add it, fixed :slight_smile:

I confirm the bug, and reported it to the dev team, thanks.

No problemo.