Macro editor workaround

The Macro editor in the KC window didn’t move since V3 or 4, is very poor (you can’t move a command in a macro ?!?) and is very buggy*. It’s an essential tool for me, and is close to unusable.

So, as I can’t wait SB to fix it for me, I would like to find another way to edit those macros. If someone knows an solution…

  • I have a macros I can’t modify. When I close the KC windows, it reverts to the precedent state. :imp:
    If I insert a command, it’s not inserted at the right place. :imp:

definitely could be a lot better for sure.

Improving macro editing and management…


Agree that making macros suck in Cubase/Nuendo.
So instead I use the workflow/automation software called SoundFlow. Actually I use it for a lot of things within Nuendo.
Here’s a small tutorial how to create a Macro for Nuendo in SoundFlow. It has access to all key commands and you can move added commands around, duplicate macros etc.:

I use Keyboard Maestro on my own Mac, but I have to deal with Nuendo’s macros on the studio’s Mac which has not Keyboard Maestro, and the studio isn’t mine.

FR : import/export macro
FR : sorting strings in macros


I agree with enhancing the Macro editor.

  1. Ability to move commands up/down in the sequence order would be handy.
  2. Ability to duplicate a Macro