Macro for crossfade

Cubase question. I want to add a macro that can, after selecting a range, delete time then crossfade 1000ms or more. so basically move the range outwards both sides and then crossfade. The moving the range in a macro I can’t figure out. Anyone here know? or another way?
It’s for dialouge editing. when cutting big pieces the background changes to much.


What do you mean by the “range”, please? Could you write your Macro steps, plus the pseudo step, you want to find out, please?

Range as in the range selection tool.
The macro I have so far probably dosn’t make sence at all but it’s going I figured on something like this.
-Delete time
-locators to selection (this puts the locators on the cut)

  • ???psudo step (here I want to nudge the left locator x-amount to the left and right x- amount to right so I can assign a diffrent value x to multiple macros depending on the amount of length I need the crossfade to be
  • crossfade
  • optionally I would want to nudge the playhead back a few seconds so I can review the cut I made
  • Play
    -stop after a few seconds after cut


If you don’t mind to move the Playback cursor, you can set the Cursor to the Left Locator Position. Then you can Nudge Cursor and then you can set the Left Locator to the Cursor Position. This might work.