Macro i did to export by events (not perfect but works)

this is a translation from other forum which i wrote in another language, hope its understandable :wink: the main purpuse was to export mastered songs, but can be used with any other event

I created a macro that works in a particular way by jumping to next "event "and export them automatically . ( Works by creating two Macros called " Export by event " which contains the macro " Export by event dummy . " Overall the macro is somehow limited and one have to set it up and make some preparations before implementation.
In addition,the macro “export by event” must be assigned to key command (in my case shift + Esc )

1 :bring up the “Export Audio Mixdown” window - define what you need there ( export file type ,frequency ,folder, etc. “), including the initial name and click “cancel”
2 : Put the cursor at the beginning of the project (assuming you want to export from the first event in the project)
3 : choose the tracks that you want to export ( not the events on the timeline project, only the tracks )
4 : make sure that no event is selected in the project (maybe I’ll add later a command ensures that events are not selected )
5 : in the macro named"export by event"add the “Export event by event dummy” by the number of events you want to export … ie if you have 6 songs ( events ) Make sure there are six” Export by event dummy" in “Export by event” macro (nested- see the pic)

*** Note1: if a song(audio event) has been edited and sliced you have to make it as one event by gluing it so the sliced pieces won’t be exported by themselves.

***Noet2: in “Export by event” macro the first command-“auto select events under cursor” must be first, so notice when adding or deleting the nested"export by event dummy" macro.

Hope that will work … if someone can refine it further and maybe try to export by markers (which I could not ) then with respect :wink:

Look cool, I’ll have a look at it soon… I had tried something similar with lackluster results…

i hoped u will show up here… im sure u gonna make it better :sunglasses:

Don’t get your hopes up… :wink:

just some more notes:
1:if it won’t work by the first attempt try again: its depends if “auto select event under cursor” was activated before or not.

2: this macro is good for events which not overlap each other.)

Holy Shi**… actually i can export by marker with this :mrgreen: just create cycle markers, select only the marker track and walla :slight_smile: , now if i only could name each export by marker name and export selected markers… mmm… saves ton of wasted time anyway, when this can perform automatically ! :slight_smile: