Macro / lua help

I would like to use a script / macro to add a title page to a bunch of parts. (One at a time is fine.)
If I record a macro of:

  1. Right click on a page,
  2. Choose Inset Pages,
  3. Choose Before page 1,
  4. Choose Use page template Title

All I get is a script that opens the inset pages form but nothing else. So, I have two questions:

  1. Is what I am trying to do actually feasible in a lua script?
  2. Is there someone here who can guide me as to what would be necessary to accomplish this?

Thanks, Bob.

I don’t think it is feasible, no, because you would need to be able to provide a complete set of parameters for the command that is executed by the Insert Pages dialog. Sorry!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Thanks.