Macro needed: extend "Locators to selection" with 1 second

I’m not that good with macros and so I need help…
As I write automation to selection I select an event and hit “p” for locators to selection. That does exactly what it says it does.
But sometimes it is needed to trim event start or end a bit more after writing automation to selection. But the automation points do not follow.
So I need a macro that moves locators to selection plus 1 second both to the end and start of my selection.
Can’t figure out how to achieve this…
BTW: Is there somewhere a database of useful macros. And if not, why?

And sorry for my english. I’m having a bad flu at the moment and almost all creative thinking is paused at the moment because of that…

Bye / Tumppi


I always use a macro which extends the loop range for punching automation and additionally sets my automation panel into right mode. Since I work for timecode-based projects I simply use a fixed tempo-setting as “basic” for my macro and extend the loop-range by two (musical) bars in both directions. So it not always exactly one second, but always (regarding to your tempo choice) something between 500ms and 1,5 secs.

This is my complete macro for setting range and automation-mode:

Transport - Locate Selection
Transport - Step Back Bar
Transport - Step Back Bar
Transport - Set left locator
Transport - Locate selection End
Transport - Step Bar
Transport - Step Bar
Transport - Set right locator
Transport - to left locator
Transport - cycle
Automation - Fill Loop
Automation - Preview Mode

Brilliant. Thanks!
Bye / Tumppi

Try that with PT !? :-p


Don’t have to as the automation points follow edits…
Ok, maybe I have to but only with reverbs, but not with anything else. :sunglasses:

Bye / Tumppi