Macro not working?

This maybe a case of user error as this is my first time creating a custom macro, but the one I’ve created doesn’t seem to do anything when I try and use it.

The macro is meant to run 3 logical editor presets I created, all which work when I select them individually. I followed the instructions in creating a macro as shown in this video:

I’ve highlighted the MIDI selection I want to use it on, but it doesn’t seem to make any changes, I’ve tried using the key command I created for it and selecting it by hand from the macro dropdown.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Could you attach a screenshot of the Logical Editors, please?

Just for testing, could you place Save function in-between every single command in the Macro, please?

The problem with Macros is, that there is no idle. So the commands are just fired one by one. Sometimes the function A is not completed yet and the other command already comes. The Save command makes something like idle.

The disadvantage of this approach is, you have to always Save As the project, before you trigger the Macro for the very first time in the project. otherwise the Save As dialog would appear.