Macro Option -> Sleep/Wait

I’m trying to make a new macro that involves applying reverb via direct offline processing and then a process->reverse. The problem is that it starts to reverse before the reverb has finished processing, giving me about 1/3 reversed reverb and 2/3 regular reverb.

It would be nice to have the ability to delay the next step in a macro for these kind of situations, so that we can allow a longer step to complete before moving onto the next step.

Hmm I guess if I apply a key to each command I want in the macro, then I could just program the macro in Auto Hotkey… I supposed that might work for now…

Only problem with writing an auto hotkey script is that it doesn’t seem cubase gives permissions to use any of the modifier keys, so any commands I do have to use keys without modifiers. (also, I have to make sure to either set the script to run on startup or remember to turn it on each time I start cubase… and if I accidentally trigger it outside cubase it might mess something up lol)

SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
#SingleInstance Force
SetTitleMatchMode 2

SetTimer, AppCheck, 100 ; Check if a Cubase Window is frontmost. This in the autoexec section (top of script)

  if WinActive("ahk_exe Cubase10.exe") ; title of the window here
    {Suspend, Off 
		; SetNumlockState, off

Sweet, thanks.That helps a bunch; I didn’t know that command existed in AHK. Now I can set the script to run on start up without worries.

Only the modifier problem still exists now. Any key command that actually changes events or other paramenters in the project I like to give a modifier to so that just in case I put my hand down on the keyboard (or one of my kids or a cat messes with my keyboard) I won’t be likely to mess anything up in the project. I typically give non-modified keys to transport and navigation functions for that reason, but I guess I’ll just have to make an exception for this.

Modifier keys pass through fine, neither Cubase nor ahk would be hindering them. maybe look elsewhere for the cause?

Hmmm… okay… yeah, I just noticed that I can’t use Alt+Shift+Cntrl+F anymore for some reason… I think I noticed that happen after windows 10 had installed an update a week or two ago… although I just thought that the key command I had that set to got reset or I was remembering it wrong or something…

I’ll have to check… But now that you mention that,I have a feeling that it might be windows 10 doing it…