Macro/PLE to evenly space multiple events?

Been having this one floating in my head for a few weeks now, haven’t tried to develop anything yet. Not sure this protocol exists within PLE by itself, thinking I will try in a macro… utilizing something like: Move Selected Event to Cursor->Nudge Cursor Right-> Right (next event)… and just hold this hotkey down until it’s finished… The variables to question would be Nudge Amount/spacing between events being different per case,

any tips?


Sorry, what is your use case? What do you want to achieve?

If you would like to change any parameter there must be a rule, for the parameter value (the value has to be dependent on something), or you would need to change the value manually all the time.

to have multiple events that I want to align successively, say, every other bar.


So you want to set the parameter value (the gap time) manually every time, right?