Macro (selected track + solo/unsolo)

Hi guys!

Do you know by any chance what macro commands I should use to make Cubase select a specific track in a project and then mute it? I found a mute command in a “Key commands”, but what command selects a specific track?

There’s only “Select track Next/prev” without specifying the exact track…



You can use Project Logical Editor to select a track by name, for example.

Hello! Thanks for the answer.

Could you please tell me why the track selects successfully in a Project Logical Editor, but doesn’t work if I add it in a macro?


Most probably, this is the known Macro thing.

The Macro commands are just fired one by one. Cubase doesn’t idle until the previous process is done.

Myself, In using “Save” function as “wait-emulation”. Cubase always had to wait until Save is done. So I would do Macro of:

  • Select Track
  • Save
  • Solo

In fact, in the Project Logical Editor, you can do the After Process, where you can put the Solo command. So you don’t need a Macro and you can handle it in the PLE completely.

Thanks, Martin! I just renamed track to “Guitar” and it worked perfectly well :ok_hand: But there’s a little thing - when I run this macro the screen goes to the position of selected track. Is there a command which keeps the screen on the same position? Like make the screen inactive


Change your Project Logical Editor.

Instead of Select, set it to Transform. In the Event Transform Section, set:
Track Operation | Solo | Enable # Or Toggle, what do you prefer

Now you even don’t need the Solo after. And it’s much saver. :wink:

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Perfect! :smiling_face:
This is what I really needed! Thanks a lot, Martin :handshake: