Macro to cut outside + fade Macro?


would it be possible, do make a simple outside-cut with fades on both ends with an macro?
Thanks for your help!

There are many ways to achieve this. I suggest opening the Key Commands dialog and search for “fade in” and “Fade out” to get an idea of what’s possible. (and split)

Macros are just strung together key commands, so whatever you do manually, you can implement in a macro.

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Thank you very much!
I´m starting with using Macros and i already made some, but this one seems to be a bit out of my range.
If i use the selection-tool and erase the selection, how can i apply a fade-out to the end of the first event and a fade-in to the following event?

Reason is: i have lots of sprakly breaths and its always the same process.
Wich command would you choose for this kind of macro ?