Macro to go to a cyclemarker after finishing playing the current cycle marker

Hello. I am attempting to use Cubase 12 to act as a live guitar looper. I have a foot controller (Nektar Pacer) and have been able to set up some controls to do various things already such as turn on and off the track monitor button using the Cubase Midi Remote and the Mapping Assistant. I can successfully (using an audio track named Loop Record that is record armed but monitor off, another audio track called rhythm guitar that is monitor armed but record off that allows me to hear what I am playing for the loop, and a third audio track named Lead Guitar with monitor armed on and record armed off with my lead guitar sound so I can hear myself playing lead…I simple mute the rhythm track when playing lead because the Loop Record is not monitor armed so it plays the cycle (loop).

If I want to record a second loop, such as a bridge or chorus, i deactivate the cycle (loop) and just record the second loop in the cycle marker 2 area. However, I am looking for what I need in a macro that will allow me to go to another cycle marker, but only after it finishes playing the current cycle marker loop. The macro Go To Marker 2 will go there immediately before the current cycle loop is finished playing. I want to do kinda like the arranger track works…it finishes the current arrangement number before going to the next arranger number.

Any help would be great!

That approach won’t work, because Cubase is not self-aware enough – it would need (built-in) variables that contain values like the transporter state, cursor location, etc., etc.

Have you looked through the commands available for the Arranger Track – maybe you can do something using that?

Thanks for your reply Steve. I started to mess with the arranger track, but thought I would try this first. I really really really wish that Steinberg would create a looper vst like Abelton Live…all the third party loopers seem to be for DJs playing samples and such or midi, or very complex looking and Mobius seems to be abandonware. I will try messing with the arranger track, but not sure how that will work as I don’t wanna have to define my order ahead of time, but there may be a way. Thanks again!

I know, but it’s amazing, and I played with it a lot. There are problems with it that make it unsuitable though, not least of all that it’s not really being developed.

I gave up trying to make Cubase be a looper and bought an Aeros Loop Studio. I bought it because I thought resembled the Mobius in concept, and it’s being actively developed. Midi controllable.