Macro to help with editing automation

Hi All,

Just in case it’s helpful to anybody, here’s the definition of a macro which I find helpful in editing automation.

Transport - Locators to Selection
Tool - Range Tool
Edit - Select in Loop

If you have an event selected, it will create a range that covers the event boundaries, and goes from top to bottom of the arrange window. If you edit any piece of automation in the range, on any track, it will move just that bit and leave the rest of the tracks alone.

I tried to use the tool modifier for the range tool that is supposed to select all tracks but it didn’t seem to work. Double clicking on an event with the range tool selects it, but doesn’t select the automation. I may put in a feature request to add a preference ‘range tool selects automation’ so that if it’s set, double clicking on the event selects the automation too (if it’s visible). Thoughts welcome.

Best, Rich

Edit: I just discovered it’s possible to move the range to the automation lanes using the down arrow - so I think my feature request is redundant.