Macro to Insert Silence to the right of Selected range.


Currently when we use select Edit > Range > Insert Silence. Events to the right of the selection range start are moved to the right to make room. Events that are intersected by the selection range start are split, and the right section is moved to the right.

I that possible to have the silence inserted after the selection and not before?

I tried to create a macro. But I still need to drag clips to the right position. With a range selected the portion/size we want to create silence:

=== Start of Macro

  1. split the event Shift-X

  2. Insert Silence

  3. Move the cursor to the selection End ( will be beginning of the split)
    === End of Macro

  4. Use mouse and snap the tail of the split event to the cursor.

I wish I could do number 4 w/out mouse drag.

Anyone can help, please?


I’m not sure I understand what you are asking for. Could you please attach a screenshot before and after?

Questions to your Macro:

  1. What tool do you have selected before the 1st step, please?
  2. What event/part is selected after step 2, please?

Thanks, Martin. Just made a video:

Bottom line:


  1. three bars: A | B| C
  2. the second bar with events B is selected using range selection tool

A | B | empty | C.

But why don’t you insert silence where you want it and be done with it? I don’t understand, even after watching the video.

  1. You have an audio event.
  2. Set left locator were you want silence to start.
    3)Set right locator were you want silence to end.
  3. Press Ctrl Shift E.

Or is it something completely different that you want


Just make the Range selection at bars 17-23 instead of 11-17.

The selection is not always snapped to anything. So it is harder to select exact length after. Is it possible to shift selection by the length of selection to the right?

If not, I assume it is not possible.


My point is, make the range selection at the place, where do you want to insert the silence.

Range tool can snap (once you enable Snap) the very same way as other objects. Once the range is set and the Range tool is chosen, you can shift the selection (or change the Start, Length, End) in the Info Line.

I just wanted to do the whole process with a single macro. The start end and length each consist of 4 Integers. Would rather to snap to cursor with a mouse drag.

The reason I’m asking this is for practicing a rubato music or sing to a track and want to record or sing after listening to each segment.

Again, if we could use a variable in LE, one code do this as follows:

==== Filter ===
Container type = Event OR
Container type = Part
Property = Event selected
x = length of selection

====Action ====

Position Add x

Function: Transform

No, this doesn’t work. I want silence after selection. I even exchanged my locators to see if works, but It did not. Please see my video:


I watched the video, one more time. I still don’t get it.

For me it’s working.

If you have a section that is not on the grid, and you need to insert the same time as silence, I understand.

  1. You can put the locators left and right of the section.
  2. Then grab the loop with the “hand” (go up to the ruler between the locators and it becomes a hand) and move it so that the old end becomes the new beginning. (Notice that the duration is the same)
  3. Insert silence. Done.

*There exists: Key Commands>Nudge>Loop Range Left/Right. But this obeys to the quantize setting, and this is unfortunate if working with material that’s not on the grid.

Thank you for your time.

I guess it is equivalent to my approach to the OP. Except I don’t need to deal with locators.

I pay 10 USD to whoever can do this using single a macro.

Edit - Cut
Edit - Paste Time

Accel0001! it works great. This will saves me a lot of hours!