Macros and key commands via numerical keypad

It would be awesome to have one tiny numerical keypad that has the power to access every command inside Cubase.
This way we could access thousands of key commands and macros potentially by typing in e.g. 101 + Enter to open the audio mix down dialogue.
People at checkouts in supermarkets remember hundreds of item codes. So it would make sense to use the same system when entering commands inside a DAW.

Personally I’d never be able to manage that (one among many reasons you won’t find me working a checkout stand) - I can barely, and not always, recall my own age :astonished:

Idiot proof descriptions and in some cases pictures work best for me, which is why I opted for the Metagrid approach.

Bet there are some programmable keypads out there that are up for the task (and probably cost way more than it seems it should).

If you had a midi controller with a numeric pad (do these even exist?) you could probably do this using Generic Remote.