Macros and Logical Editor help add data to an empty CC lane

Hi, does anyone know how I would set up a macro / midi logical editor preset to add or insert CC data into a CC lane that previously has NO data.

An example would be this…

I have a midi region with no CC1 information. I would like to press a shortcut, and have a single point with value 127 appear at the very start of the region in the CC1 lane.

I have to open midi editor, alt click around 127 to add a point currently. I would like to click a region from project view, hit a shortcut, and have this happen automatically without going in the midi editor.

I’ve used the midi logical editor to insert a point at 127, however it only works if there is data already written in the CC lane.

Any help or solution to do this would be greatly appreciated!



I’m sorry, you need some data in already.

But if I understand it right, you ask for some kind of init MIDI Part, right? You can export MIDI file and then just drag and drop it to the project anytime you need this.

Hi, thanks for the response.

No, I like to make a rough mix with cc11, 7, etc…as I’m working. I have shortcuts that increase or decrease the values in certain CC lanes which effect volume or other parameters. It would be easy to tap a few shortcuts to put in a point, and adjust the volume of that region. Like I said, having to alt click in the midi editor for many regions can take a while.

The basic limitation is that none of various Logic Editors have the ability to create new Events. The closest they come is duplicating a variant of existing Events.

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How about transforming pitch or velocity to CC? Would that do? It would give you a node for each event. The data would be what it is of course, rough.

And is there nothing that a macro could do to add a point automatically? Seems like there should be a shortcut for this.

The transforming velocity to cc is interesting. Perhaps there’s a way with a macro to get the velocity points copied into another cc lane, somehow delete all but the first point (unsure how to do this), and transform it to value 127 or something.

Sure does.

Unfortunately “Seems like” is doing all the work here.

Hey after some trials with transforming / inserting velocity to CC I have managed to solve what I wanted. I made a few logical editor presets…one copies the Velocity data to CC11, the other makes all cc11 values 127.

I added 3 commands to a macro. Both of these (in the same order mentioned) as well as the “Thin Out” shortcut.

The result is a single point in cc11 value 127 at the start of the first event in the region.

If you leave the “Thin Out” shortcut out of the macro, you get a point at 127 for each event.
That could also be useful.

Thank you for giving me this idea, I believe it works great!