Macros: drum map setup

An operation I perform frequently that I want to automate is the updating of drum maps. Currently, I have to take these steps:

  1. In the inspector, click on the drum map and from the dropdown select Drum Map Setup
  2. In the setup window, select the drum map I want to update
  3. From the Functions menu, select remove and confirm
  4. From the Functions menu, select load and browse to my update map file
  5. Close the Drum Map Setup window
  6. In the inspector, select the drum map

This obviously sounds like a job for a macro, but I’m not finding any reference to drum maps in the commands. Anyone have any suggestions?


Usually when there’s no reply to a topic it means no one knows the answer or it’s simply not possible. That said, I thought I’d try one bump, just in case those with a lot of experience in this area missed it.

I know some of you have a great deal of skill and expertise with macros. It would be useful to know if what I’m attempting just isn’t possible or if there’s something I’ve overlooked.

Would be grateful for any insights you might have.