MACROS (Including PLE)

to mod. PLS, can it be sticky ?

lets post all macros & PLE here.

in my midi keyborad buttons for switch octavs are broken, possibly to make macro of PLE command to assing specific value in Midi modifiers-transpose ?
midi transformer.png

Shift + up and Shift + down arrow keys will move selected notes up and down by octaves, no need to use the Midi Logical Editor for that.

you talking about, transpose midi, i think u missunderstood me, or i was incorrect :blush:

buttons swithing octavs Up/Down at my midi keyboard are broken, I want make same buttons in Midi Modifiers (-12,0,+12) look at attachments))

You can use the Input Transformer for that:


Here’s a thread called “Macro Mania” from earlier this year to collect macros, I was hoping to keep them all together in one thread.

Mods - can you merge them please?


that’s about i’m talking, but little bit further. i want make macro (for ex.):
numpad 1: -12
numpad 2: 0
numpad 3: +12

because when i’m playing i have at each octave different instruments. and transpose midi clip not usefull for me

acctyally i trying to find this tread, but after page 12 i give up

Simplest would be to use midi modifier on the midi/instrument trackInspector. There is one field for transpose and works in realtime too.
Is this available as key command or can be altered with midi logical editor?
Unless so, doing a simple change there is rather quick too.
If each instrument you play have separate midi track, this is a one time setting for that instrument on that track.

Or if your midi keyboard is connected both midi out and in to computer, you could see if a command like midi CC or NRPN to switch octave up/down.

Then you could have a short midi clip on a track that want octave up that send this, or make a macro for Midi Logical Editor(if you can send arbitrary midi like that, have not checked).

Yeah, hopefully they’ll merge it and make it a sticky like they did that “Tips, Tricks, and Workflow Goodness” thread in the old (6.5?) forum.