macros - is this possible?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create the following macro/key commands:

Add a specific VST rack/track instrument.

Add a specific plugin as an insert on a track in the next free insert slot.

Any ideas?

not possible natively.

If not natively, is there another way?

i do something similar by simulating keystrokes using the autohotkey software, but it’s quite fiddly to program.

Strange - such a basic and common function with no macro support, compared to the hundreds of more arcane features available :wink:

Not sure what DAW you use…

But on Cubase you can assign an action of inserting an audio track and an instrument.In my case, I have signed key, “A” for Audio track.

You can also save a bundle of plug-ins on a track and insert the bundle of plug ins instantly by loading them.

Tonight, I will check if I can assign a particular VST instrument to a key.

Also Cubase does have macro capabilities. I just have not used the function.

I hope this helps.

This being the steinberg Cubase forum, I think it’s (fairly) safe to assume I’m using…. cubase….

I know you can create an audio track or an instrument track with a shortcut - but then you still have to load the instrument.

I was talking about a macro where you can create a vst Rack instrument with a specific instrument already loaded.
Or even being able to do the same with an instrument track.

Or a macro to insert a specific plugin into a track. Even assigning a macro / key command to a specific track preset would be a workaround, but this doesn’t seem possible either.

I’m totally aware that cubase has macro funtions, hence my question regarding whether any of the functions I’m interested in are macro assignable… :laughing:


I think it is NOT possible, because Cubase Macros do not allow to add Parameters (only “commands”).

Am I right?

Cheers, Ernst

you’re right, neither is this possible.

the closest you could get to this is assign a keycommand to load a preset (which in fact opens up the list of all the presets), and prior to that name your favourite presets starting with a special character that would automatically place them 1st in the list (eg. “!!!_eq_comp_1” etc.). not a 1-click solution but at least it shows you the more often used ones quicker.

it’s not possible but the explanation isn’t quite right.

Ok, so … how would we include the Name of a vst or whatever in a macro?

Cheers, Ernst

you can’t (unless for offline processing of course); what i outlined above related to track presets only. :confused:

Hi There

Why don’t you save the various instruments as Track Presets, or even export them as Track Templates then it’s a pretty simple job to bring them back in when you need them

Best Regards


this is what i was suggesting, it’s close but doesn’t allow for a common scenario when you want to have a shortcut to add, say, your favourite compressor in the first free insert slot on a selected channel. track preset will override your existing channel inserts and settings. you can of course load a new channel and drag from it whatever inserts you wanted but that’s quite a few extra steps hence the question raised by the OP i am guessing.

Track presets also won’t work for rack instruments…

I’m aware of most of the workarounds but would love those functions to be assignable to a shortcut for ultimate convenience! Maybe in Cubase X :smiley:

Yes, this would be really handy. I would love to have the ability to assign a key that would insert and open a defined vsti plugin with the parameters set.